Mad Love

Mad Love - Nick Spalding

At first I wasn't sure what to think about this book. I was even less sure I would actually like it. It starts out with the first person perspective of two individuals trying to make ends meets in this thing called life. One is Adam, a video game journalist living in a flat with some obnoxious roommates and a cross eyed rat. The other is a graduate student trying to earn a living working at a strip club as a waitress; this is Jessica. A couple months ago they had both entered a contest for a chance at a 30,000 pound payday and a lease to an apartment in a prime location. The hitch, however, is that the lucky couple chosen will need to marry each other. This is Sociality's newest gag in order to prove their love algorithms really work. Ultimately, Adam and Jessica are chosen as the lucky winners and must learn to get along if they are going to cash in on their prize.

This book has some laugh out loud moments, but also some good lessons about life and love and what it really takes to make a relationship work.