Ramirez Reads

I am an avid reader and have very eclectic tastes when it comes to genre. I truly do not "judge a book by its cover. I will provide my best reviews of the books I have read and hopefully they will inspire others to open their minds and partake in books they never before thought they would read.  

Creation: Darwin, His Daughter & Human Evolution

Creation: Darwin, His Daughter & Human Evolution - Randal Keynes This is more a book about Darwin and his relationship with his children, especially Anne, than anything else. However, it does give a good background of his story and what led him to write his famous works on evolution.

Period Piece

Period Piece - Gwen Raverat Great book about her childhood in Victorian England. Her grandfather was Charles Darwin (the knowledge of which led me to read this book in the first place) whom she never met. Despite the fact that there was only a small mention of her grandfather, the book didn't fail to entertain me.

Hell's Aquarium

Hell's Aquarium - Steve Alten This is the latest in the Meg series. Again, it was just as good as all the others. Those authors who tend to end their books on a good not; Steve Alten is not one of them!